Post Creation and Export

The Editor

Welcome to the Mate editor. Here you can edit your individual templates based on the different input variables and then easily export them.

Each template is equipped with different input variables. Depending on the template these can be text and image variables, switches to hide and show elements as well as selectors to switch to another design scheme within your template.

The text variables are provided with non-binding character limits to give you a sense of the maximum length of the text. You can exceed the limits, but this will limit the performance of the post, as any social media algorithm will check your visual for too much text. Also, the formatting of the template can be broken by exceeding the character limits.

Image Upload

If your template has an image variable, you can edit it using the "Select Image" button. A pop-up window will open. You now have the option to select an image from your existing asset library or upload a new image. Furthermore, you can access the image database of "Unsplash" via the menu on the left and search for a suitable image for your post.


With the image editor you have the possibility to adjust your images directly in Mate to the desired post. So you don't have to switch back and forth if an image doesn't fit 100% in your visual!

Just click on the "Settings" icon at the bottom right of the input field for the inserted image.

The image editor opens and you now have the possibility...

  • to crop,
  • rotate,
  • put a filter over,
  • or adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation etc. for fine tuning of your image.

On the left side in the image editor you see your image in full size and on the right side your post to be created, which automatically adjusts with every change to the image. This way you can see directly if the image fits perfectly in yours without having to close and reopen the editor.


On the top right above your post you have the option to export your edited post. You can choose whether you want to export it as a .png, .pdf, or .mp4 file. In parallel, you can choose in which dimensions you want to export your post. The dimension itself and also the number of dimensions depend on your template library. If you export an article statically, i.e. as .png or .pdf, you still have the possibility to choose which pages you want to export. With a video export this is not possible.