Mates Inputs

Each template is equipped with different inputs or variables that you can use to customize your template. In the following, we will go into detail about all input types that are available:

Short texts

Short texts are text fields ideally suited for readers, listicals or headlines. These text fields usually have a character recommendation of maximum 50-80 characters and do not allow manually set breaks.

Long texts

Long text fields offer you much more flexibility than short text fields. You have the possibility to set breaks manually, no matter at which position. This allows you to adapt the layout to your current use case. In addition, longer texts are usually required here. Up to 600 characters are not uncommon.

Single-line texts

Especially with single-line texts, it can often make sense to integrate a paragraph after the text to give the text line a little more air at the bottom.

Via dropdowns you usually have the possibility to select different styles within your template. No matter if it's a completely new design variant, a different color scheme or maybe just a different color within the call-to-action button - via dropdowns you can easily customize this according to your wishes.


A post without a logo today? Or hide a call-to-action? Switches make it possible. Decide for yourself which elements are displayed in your post and which are not.


A picture is worth a thousand words. We all know this saying and this is also the case with templates. Your templates live through great, appealing images.