Shared Posts

Mate's sharing feature allows you to share and collaborate on content beyond your workspace. You can share content with other workspaces as well as with individual users, depending on who you want to have access to the post. Choose between different roles to ensure that everyone has the access they want to your post.

Posts shared with your workspace

All content that has been shared with your workspace can be found under the "Shared with workspace" menu item. You can browse the posts using the search bar to find your destination faster. Inside the tile you will also find the information who shared the post with you.

Edit shared posts

Posts that have been shared with your workspace can have either "View" or "Edit" access. With "Edit" access, you can edit a post in the editor as usual. Keep in mind that your changes will be visible to all users with whom the post was shared. So if you want to make changes that are not shared with all connected workspaces, duplicate the post in advance. If the post was shared with "View" access, you will not be able to edit the content. You can either export the post as is or duplicate it and edit the duplicated version of the post.

Sharing with workspaces

To share your post with another workspace, navigate either via the post's context menu in the list view (three dots on the post tile) or via the "Share" button in the post editor. The "Share" menu opens.

In the "Share" menu you now have the possibility to search for other workspaces via the search bar (only those Once you have selected a workspace and pressed "Share", the post will be shared with the desired workspace and will immediately appear in the list of workspaces with which the post was shared.

Changing/removing permissions

If you want to undo your decision to share a post or change the "View"/"Edit" permission, this can be done at any time via the menu for the respective workspace on the right side.

Sharing with child workspaces (Enterprise Feature)

Sharing with all child workspaces is only available in the Mate Enterprise plan if you have booked the Child Workspace feature. In the mother account you will now see the additional item "General permissions" in the "Share" menu. By default, each post will only be shared with workspaces that you manually give access to via this menu. However, you can speed up this process and give all your child workspaces access to the post. To do this, change the setting in the menu from "Restricted" to "All child workspaces".