Workspace Settings

Managing your Workspace

In the bottom left corner you will find the icon for your workspace settings. Here you can easily view and change the logo of your workspace. You will also find the name of your workspace and its URL. If you want to change the name or the URL of your workspace, just contact us and we will do it for you.

Workspace Members

Here you have a good overview of all members of your workspace. You can see their names, email addresses and their status - owner, admin or member - at a glance.

Using the name or email address, you can easily search for new members in the search bar and invite them. The current and the maximum number of members will be displayed directly. If you have reached your limit and want to add more members, just contact us. We will be happy to expand your workspace for you.

Managing Tags

With the use of tags you can easily solve the problem of confusion in a large number of created posts. Using the colored tags you can organize your posts thematically and search them easily, so that you can find every post in no time.

Initially there are already some tags available, but you can delete them in your tag settings at any time and edit the name and color of the tags. To add a new tag, you just have to click on the "Add Tag" button and you can choose the color and name yourself.

You can tag already existing posts with one or more tags or you can do it directly in the editor. Here you also have the possibility to create a new tag.

Child Workspaces

Child Workspaces give you the ability to empower subsidiary organizations to produce content in your company's branding. You can share all or part of your template library with the child workspaces and let them produce content based on it. In addition, you can send "evergreen content" to the child workspaces so that users can access pre-built content. Group structures can also be mapped beautifully in Mate in this way.

How to create new workspaces:

Within your Mate account, go to the workspace settings. Click on "Child workspaces" in the menu bar. You will now be taken to a view where you can see all the workspaces you have created so far. You can easily create new workspaces by clicking on "Create workspace". You need the name of the workspace, the email address of the person who will manage the workspace and a slug for the workspace.

Manage Child Workspaces:

As an administrator of your organization, you want to change the name of a child workspace? Or remove users and add new ones? Or delete the workspace completely? Then click into the settings of your "Child Workspaces" via the editing button.

Here you have the possibility to change all settings yourself.